Enjoy cooking

Woman serving food -  © Jack.Q / shutterstock

Eating is much more economical and healthier if we cook rather than just consume ready-made or prepared food.

In fact, the only way fast food is actually cheaper is if we compare solely the price per calorie. When comparing serving size, weight, or nutritional content, home cooked meals are the cheapest.

Furthermore, the more a food is processed, the less nutritious it is. Drying can diminish nutritional value up to 80%. Freezing reduces vitamin C by 30% and potassium by 10%. Reheating already cooked food also decreases vitamin B12, thiamin and vitamin C by 45%.

Cooking for ourselves is also a good idea because we have better control of the ingredients’ quality, freshness and portion size. We consume fewer calories, less saturated fat and salt and more fibre and micronutrients per meal when we have cooked it at home. Besides, it’s a great way to teach and learn about the taste, texture, and pleasure of food.

Finally, cooking potentially has a high social dimension since it offers an opportunity to bring family members together at home, as well as groups of people in schools, community centres, etc. Cooking can be a great family bonding experience; it can be an opportunity to share some time, talk and have fun with children and adults together. 

Image: © Jack.Q / shutterstock