Forum on healthy nutrition at the Social Centre of Roncq

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Community Centre
The general community
Key messages: 
Enjoy shopping for a healthy meal, Enjoy eating together, Enjoy eating colourful fruits & vegetables

The Social Centre of Roncq will host an event on Wednesday 27 May dedicated to highlight the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet.

Organised in coordination with the UTPAS (Territorial Union for Prevention and Social Action), the purpose of the event is to promote healthy nutrition with the introduction of interactive and animated information stands.

The event is open to all families of the city of Roncq and will add value to the We Love Eating project.

The activity

The forum will include a stand on food waste, and a film explaining the We Love Eating project will be shown. During this event, the We Love Eating tools will be distributed (card games, pines, brochures).

The event aims to convey the healthy messages of the We Love Eating project.

Participating organisations
Social Centre of RoncqCity of Roncq
Restos du CoeurPartners of the social centre

Highlighted recipe

The Local Coordinator of the project is

Association FLVS

Local representatives