Workshop for pregnant women and young mothers

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Health Clinic/Hospital
For Pregnant Women
Key messages: 
Enjoy eating together, Enjoy eating colourful fruits & vegetables, Enjoy drinking water, Enjoy physical exercise

A playful workshop for pregnant women and young mothers, where they were invited to know more about some of the key messages of We Love Eating, such as the importance of drinking water, the practice of physical activity and eating fruits and vegetables.

The activity

As part of the closing events of the We Love Eating project in Roncq, a 2-hour workshop with pregnant women and their babies was organized by the local Relais Assistant Maternel on May 26.

The workshop was held in three parts: a theoretical part focusing on the well being of the baby, a practical part related to the soft motor skills, and finally a water bar for pregnant women to raise awareness about the importance of drinking water.

Participating organisations
KaléideCity of Roncq

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Association FLVS

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